Summer of Love

This summer looks a lot different than last year, and we couldn’t be more relieved. With more singles ready to get out and mingle, finding who you’re looking for has never been more attainable. Match has the numbers to prove it.

70% of singles are ready to put themselves out there as much as possible this summer.

And it’s not just hookups they’re after. While this time of year has a reputation for people not wanting to be tied down, many singles want to be just that.

71% of singles are looking for a serious relationship.

Ready to experience it for yourself?

Tips for savoring the Summer of Love:

Be clear about your intentions.

Singles don’t want their time wasted, especially after 2020. If you’re just looking for something casual, that’s fine. But be honest about it. Setting expectations early on not only helps you find someone looking for the same thing but avoids misleading anyone.

Don’t be afraid to share your vaccination status.

We know preventing COVID isn’t the sexiest conversation, but feel free to put it out there.

After all, more than 50% of respondents wanted to know their date’s vaccination status.

Remember that dating is a process.

Let’s be real: not every date you go on this summer is going to be sizzling. If one is a total flop, don’t get down about it or worry you’ve wasted your time.

Meet Match’s Dating Expert: Lauren

“There’s something you can learn from every date, so make a mental note or write in a journal what went well and what didn’t. That way when you have your next date, you know what to avoid and look out for.”

Avoid dating fatigue.

Got a new date every other day of the week? We love to hear it. Just make sure you’re still taking time for yourself, loved ones, and your other hobbies. This helps ensure you don’t get too burned out from dating before you find who you’re looking for.

Go somewhere new.

Speaking of getting burned out, make sure you’re changing up your date routine a bit. It’s a new season, after all. And while it’s nice to go to bars and restaurants you’re comfortable at, you shouldn’t go to the same place with all your dates. Trying a new venue or activity entirely (think: kayaking, an outdoor movie, the farmers market) is a great way to keep things fresh and fun.

Never settle.

After a year like 2020, dating anyone might seem better than being alone. But don’t sell yourself short. If you go on a few dates with someone and the chemistry just isn’t there, be honest with them and move on. Remember, it’s summer. You shouldn’t settle for anything less than fireworks.

These stats are based on the behaviors of 1,850 single Match users, ages 18-60, and was fielded May of 2021.

When should you follow up for that second date?

Many Americans pressed pause on in-person dates this past year. But with cities relaxing regulations, vaccinations being administered & hope being restored, more Americans are returning to their regular date routines every day. And it feels sooo good. That said, not even a pandemic could put to bed some of those age-old dating questions.

Meet Match’s Dating Expert: Sean

With a background in marketing & performing arts, Sean has extensive insight on how to present your best self, whether in front of a crowd or on a first date. As a veteran Dating Expert, he works tirelessly to ensure everyone is on a path to relationship success.

Q: When should I expect someone to follow up for a second date?

A: It’s important to keep in mind that everyone has different ideas of what a perfect first date looks like. I always say that if you enjoyed the first date, then you should bring up the idea of a second date 24 hours after your first to see what they say. If you’re waiting for the other person to follow up for a second date, then I would be patient & wait about 3 to 5 days. If they still haven’t brought it up, take the initiative & bring it up yourself so you know whether or not it will work out.

Q: I often feel like a date goes well, but don’t hear anything after. What signals should I look for to confirm they’re feeling the same way?

A:  Exchanging laughter, smiles & stories is always a good sign. If they bring up future plans with you, that’s another reassuring sign that they’re thinking ahead. Remember, communication is key. If you don’t hear anything after the date, take the initiative to follow up & ask if they would be open to a second date. This is always better than waiting around and wondering.

Q:  I’m waiting for that “when you know, you know” moment after a first date & not having it. Why?

A: I totally get what you mean! First dates aren’t always going to be like the movies, so you have to set realistic expectations. Also understand that your date may be nervous or have other things going on in their life. Give them the benefit of the doubt. If you didn’t have that “when you know, you know” moment but you feel like there is potential, maybe that second date will turn things around. If you still haven’t had that moment, then it’s okay to search for someone else.