Dates: A home for your most promising conversations

There’s never been a better time to reset and prioritize what matters most. Or in this case, who matters most. That’s why we’ve launched Dates: a first-of-its-kind feature that provides clarity and focus by moving members’ most important connections to a dedicated space within the app.  

Here’s how it works:

When you and a member reach a promising point in a conversation, we’ll ask if you’re ready to take the next step via an in-app prompt. If you both say yes, you’ll be moved to Dates.

Once a conversation moves to Dates, you’ll not only have a better idea of how that member feels about you – buh-bye, guessing games – but you’ll be able to better focus on that conversation – adios, cluttered inbox!

This new section also allows you to access unlimited video chat and discover each other’s first date preferences. From social distancing practices to favorite restaurants, you’ll have all the personal information you need to plan an actual date. Because after all, isn’t that what you came here for?

 Skip playing games and get to the good stuff faster with Dates.

Skip the small talk with #RealTalk

A lot has changed in 2020, and the way singles are connecting is no exception. Today, singles are exchanging 40% more messages compared to last year, but how often they’re talking is not the only change we’ve noticed.

Singles are now starting more meaningful conversations – covering topics like health, politics, religion, and sex and family  early on in the game. With this trend in mind, we recently launched #RealTalk: questions designed to help our members skip the boring banter and spark more meaningful conversations, helping singles get to know one another on a deeper level. That’s what they want, after all. And we have the numbers to prove it.

According to a recent survey of over 5,000 Match users:

  • 81% want to know more about a potential match’s stance on deeper topics before they can determine their potential 
  • 87% are more likely to move things forward after talking about more substantial topics
  • 61% would like support in moving from small talk to deeper conversations on a dating app

“All of a sudden, small talk just seems so insignificant,” says Rachel DeAlto, Chief Dating Expert at Match. “The world is facing real issues between the pandemic, social justice movements, and the election. Daters have recognized that this more significant and almost heavy energy is affecting every conversation. It doesn’t mean you can’t start with the weather or debating pour over versus drip coffee, but you won’t stay there long.”

Ready to get real? Add the latest Trending Topic to your profile and see where your next conversation takes you.

Everything you need to know about Vibe Check

Tried Vibe Check yet? Our latest video chat feature recently launched, fueling members’ cravings to chat and see someone live right in the app. Learn the ins and outs of how it works: 

Who can I Vibe Check with?

You can Vibe Check with any eligible Match member in the app and on desktop. To be eligible, a member simply needs to accept the community terms and conditions. You also must have each sent a message or a like to each other. 

Where can I find Vibe Check within the app?

You can find the feature in your message view from Inbox. Look for the black video icon at the bottom left corner, next to the message bar. 

Is Vibe Check free?

Yes! We know everyone is missing out on social interactions right now, so we’ve made this feature free for all Match members. All you have to do is be in a conversation with someone.

How do you initiate Vibe Check?

It’s easy! All you have to do is tap on the video icon in your message view with another member.

Will Vibe Check be offered after stay-at-home orders are lifted? 

Yes! While this feature is great for staying connected while social distancing, there are other benefits to initiating a Vibe Check. For example, before meeting up with someone in person. We know going on an in-person date requires time, money and effort. A quick Vibe Check is a great way to assure you click before making plans to meet face-to-face. 

Is there a time limit on how long you can Vibe Check with someone?

Nope, no time limit! Feel free to chat as long or as little as you feel comfortable. 

Can you deny a Vibe Check?

Absolutely. It works just like a phone call. You can accept or decline any incoming Vibe Check. 

Is Vibe Check available on the Match app?

Vibe Check is available on iOS and Android, as well as desktop. 

Can I Vibe Check more than once with the same person?

Absolutely! You can Vibe Check as many times as you want with someone. In fact, we think this is a great (and safe) way to get to know someone before exchanging phone numbers or meeting in person. 

What if I experience something inappropriate during a Vibe Check call? What do I do?

We hope that our members are respectful towards one another and follow the rules, but we know things can happen. If you do experience any inappropriate behavior, there are two ways to report it:  

  • You can tap on the Report button on the bottom left hand corner of the call screen. This will immediately end the call and block the user from being able to see or contact you. You’ll then be prompted to provide details that will be sent directly to our Care team. 
  • After the call, you can go to the member’s profile, tap on the three dots at the top right and select “Report.” You’ll then be prompted to provide details that will be sent directly to our Care team. 

I don’t want just anyone on Match to be able to video chat with me. Can I opt out?

It’s important to note that the only members allowed to video chat with you are ones you’ve previously matched with (i.e. you’ve both exchanged likes and/or messages). So rest assured you won’t be getting Vibe Checks from any random faces. If you’re still not interested in video chatting with your matches, we’ll be allowing you to opt out of the feature entirely in the next few weeks. Stay tuned! 

So what are you waiting for? Now that you’ve got all the details, it’s time to get vibing! 

Vibe Check is available on desktop and the Match app. Make sure you have the latest version of the app for your iOS or Android device. 

Passion & Politics: Match Expands Profiles to Elevate the 2020 Conversation

Politics, like love, is far from black and white. And with today’s political landscape, singles are now more focused than ever on finding someone who shares their similar view of the world. In fact, we found that singles are 26% less likely to date across party lines than before the 2016 election.

With this in mind, we’ve rolled out two new profile updates designed to help singles better identify their political affiliation and highlight the issues that matter most to them. After all, 98% of singles want a partner who will talk politics (2019 Singles in America), so here’s how we’re helping to start the conversation: 

  • More labels to choose from: Members can now select from one of nine political view options for their profile, including six new choices not previously available. From “apolitical” or “independent” to “moderate” or “fiscally conservative, socially liberal,” singles are encouraged to pick the modern viewpoint they most identify with.
  • Issues that matter: A new open-ended question also allows members to share the specific political issues they’re most passionate about. After all, when singles look at someone’s top social issues rather than their party, they’re more likely to find common ground for fostering a romantic connection.Spoiler alert: one in three singles have been in love with someone with different views on social issues, and a whopping majority (73%) would do it again.

Ready to share your stance? Edit your profile to include the views and issues that speak to you.

The Results from our 9th Singles in America Survey are in

It’s back! Our annual Singles in America study – the nation’s largest and most comprehensive study of 5,000+ singles living in the U.S. – just launched for its 9th year. With shocking new data and exciting, never-before explored topics, this year’s study gives us an inside look on what it truly means to fly solo in 2019. From surprising trends on modern love and how singles are getting more serious about dating to the sex habits of Gen Z and Millennials, nothing is off limits. We’re also exploring how dating has changed in the wake of the #MeToo era, as well as men’s and women’s attitudes about love, sex and relationships in general across generations.

Here’s a sneak peek:

  • 42% of singles say love feels lost
  • 35% of singles have been ghosted
  • Over 60% of singles are motivated to find romantic love and a long-term companion, while only 9% are looking to date casually
  • 51% of men say the #MeToo movement has caused them to act differently
  • The majority of Gen Z and Millennials have had sex in the last week

We partnered with Rebel Wilson to share our new data and her thoughts on dating today:

Ready for more? Check out the full Singles in America study now for all the juicy details.

Closest Thing To A Modern Day Playbook

It’s 2019 and the rules of dating have changed. While technology has made love easier than ever for millions, it’s also brought its own questions into the process. From who pursues whom to “how do I respond to this message,” the game is far from black and white. And though there are thousands of modern dating blogs out there, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to finding your person. This is where we come in.

Introducing AskMatch: A team of dedicated Dating Coaches offering members one-on-one phone sessions to discuss the ins and outs of dating, both online and off. Whether you need some expert guidance, actionable tips or even just a listening ear, our coaches are in your corner with honest advice tailored to your specific questions and experiences.

Match is the first dating app to provide this service, furthering our mission to create real human connections that go beyond just an app on your phone.

“We want to break out from behind the screen and get to know our members,” says Katie Wilson, Match’s Head Dating Coach. “Members will have the support they need from their coach as they navigate dating in general, not just online.”

Our coaches have spoken with thousands of single men and women, so in addition to providing the inside scoop on dating, they offer expert advice on everything from sending the perfect message to getting over a breakup.

 “We’ve heard it all,” confirms Wilson, “so we can offer you a supportive sounding board and straight-forward advice, no matter what you’re going through.”

In the NYC or Chicago area? Try AskMatch for free as we bring personalization back to dating. [Coming soon nationwide.]