Spring Spike: How to Rejoin the Dating Scene this Season

Whether you’re back on the market after a breakup or are just getting serious about dating following a busy winter, a new season provides the perfect time to get your dating life off to a fresh start. And what better time than now? With the snow and ice beginning to melt away, spring inspires singles to embrace the sunshine and warm up to new possibilities.

We caught up with Rachel DeAlto – celebrated relationship expert and media personality – on her top tips for rejoining the dating scene.

  • Learn from the past: While we’re often encouraged to just “forgive and forget,” the past can actually help us prepare for the future. People have preferences for certain traits and characteristics, and you should be cognizant of what did and did not work in previous relationships. This helps you make informed decisions about which traits to look out for and which to avoid.
  • Set your intentions: Before racing off to your first date, figure out the type of romance you’re looking for. Maybe it’s a committed relationship with a long-term plan; maybe it’s just a plus one to attend all those upcoming weddings with. While it’s great to be open-minded, it’s important to have at least some clear goals for what you’re looking for and why. These can not only keep you motivated and moving through the inevitable highs and lows of dating, but also ensure you don’t settle.
  • The art of multi-dating: You read that right. Go on a maximum of two to three dates with different people per week. While it might be tempting to turn every day into date night, dating shouldn’t become your fulltime job. You still need time for yourself.
  • Scheduling the next date: Give it at least a couple of days between two dates with one person. There can be a rush to love where you want to see each other as much as possible, but keep in mind that the hottest fires burn out the fastest. Let it breathe.

According to DeAlto, there’s no green light that goes on when you’re ready to date. So, pay attention to your mindset and be true to what you want as you get back out there.